19 Days Until The Final

Well, its getting close now isn’t it? Lets push on today and have a look at Bulgaria’s entry. Poli Genova sings “Na Inat”.

An all girl affair this one, but for me not a qualifier. Its getting positive comments from around Europe, but I don’t think it’ll do the business for Bulgaria. They’re enthusiastic, but thats not enough these days.

Next up is Vlatko Ilievski from Macedonia with “Rusinka”. This is a traditional sounding song with modern beats. I suppose you could class him as a “pretty boy”?

This has the chorus of The Ting Tings “Thats Not My Name” and a bridge section of the Tetris theme, lol. I kinda like it and it might get through, but semi finals can be funny things sometimes. I have a feeling hes not making the best use of his voice on this track.

Lastly today, its the return of an old favourite and previous winner. This act from Israel comes with controversy attached when she won the contest as a newly exposed transexual. Yes folks, its Dana International!

The very aptly named “Ding Dong” will easily qualify for the final if not on the strength of the song itself, but by the artist singing it. I think this has a very good chance at success in the final, I just wish they’d chosen a better title for the song. The bookies currently have it at a surprising 66/1.

We’re getting to the last half dozen or so entries now, so we’ll get on with those in a couple of days before hitting the “Big 5”.