24 Days Until The Final

Lets get straight on with todays videos. Moldova is our first stop. I bet you can’t guess the name of this song…

Did you get it? Yep thats right, its “So Lucky” by Zdob si Zdub. This is a bit rappy/rocky/shouty/poppy. Its a bit of an unknown style actually, but easily described – rubbish! I’ll eat my hat (if I had one) of this qualifies for the final. Oh, did I mention the trumpet parts in it? uuurrgggghhh.

Next up… Eric Saade sings “Popular”. Some of the best lyrics here from former What’s Up member Eric.

Now is this a good message to be sending the youngsters? You’ll only have success in love if you’re one of the cool kids, hmmm. I think not. Anyway, he looks like an X Factor reject using a lot of repeated words. Its as if hes begging “please pick me, please Simon.. PLEEEAASSEE!!” Nah this aint for me sorry guys.

Finally today we will go into the Med and have a few minutes in Cyprus. Christos Mylordou enters “San Aggelos S’Agapisa”. Give this one some time, it’ll surprise you.

When this started, I was like – Oh my God, I need them razors again, but then boom! and it kicks into some rock/metal track. I quite like this although I don’t think it will qualify. I don’t have too many going through at the moment, lol