27 Days Until The Final

Well, its been a busy week at work, but I’ve time tonight to give you 3 more entries into this year’s contest. And without further ado, lets get into the heart of Europe with Belgium’s entry.

Sung by an acapella group Witloof Bay, “With Love Baby” is trying to forge new ground in Eurovision perhaps without the use of instruments. Hmmmm…

This isn’t one I can see going through I’m afraid. The guys are alright, but the girls are rubbish and IMHO it spoils the whole song. Different, but a poor effort. Some beatboxing in there aswell for good measure, but just too bland. Nul Point.

Next up today is Slovakia. Ah yes.. this act are called Twiins. Can you guess what their gimmick is? See what you think… here they are singing “I’m Still Alive”.

Now a few points here. It doesn’t really go anywhere, but this Girl’s Aloud type ballad does have a certain appeal to it. On the other hand, it might just sound a little too mainstream pop to qualify for the Eurovision Final, but then again, it might surprise us. All that said, they’re fit, so I’d put them through, lol. Lets just hope they don’t do a “Gemini”.

Finally today to the Ukraine. Previous winners (Wild Dances) in 2004 and 2nd in 2007 AND 2008, this country has clout. This year’s entry is sung by Mika Newton (yes a very Ukrainian name) and she sings “Angel”.

I NEED THE RAZOR’S BACK!! This is a boring, dull female solo artist absolutely tearing, nay ripping her heart out with a rusty spatula for maximum effect. It goes nowhere and the bookie agree that this has no chance. I do not think this will qualify. I really hope it doesn’t as I’d like to see my son’s 3rd birthday please Ukraine. Sorry.

I’ll have another 3 entries for you on Sunday =)