42 Days Until The Final

Well, unfortunately, its a bit of a damp squib today with two tracks that really don’t set Europe on fire. First up is San Marino who are returning to the competition for the first time since their debut in 2008. The singer is Senit and the song is called “Stand By”.

This is one of those 50/50 tracks for qualification. Its going to be an “on the night” thing whether it gets through or not. On the strength of this pop ballad as it is just now, I wouldn’t say it will make it through. Its just a bit… dull.

Second today is Croatia’s latest effort. A female soloist called Daria Kinzer sings “Celebrate”.

I don’t like this track, but I think many Europeans might, especially in the Eastern Block. Shall we say 12 points from Serbia? This is a poppy, typically Eurovision sounding song, equally as non exciting as San Marino. It does have that all important key change though so that be get it through, lol.

Neither of these tracks make it through for me, but stranger things have happened.