The definition of a mashup is – a song  that combines vocal or instrumental parts from two or more songs.
Ever since I first heard Partyben’s all time classic mashup “Every Car You Chase”, I have been fascinated by the musical phenomenon that has become the Mashup Scene, or Bootlegs. There are now literally thousands of these on the go these days, some better than others and I have started to make my own ones aswell.
Making a mashup is a long and time consuming process, but the rewards of a final product can be immense, particularly if it is made up of tracks you really like. So far I have done 3 decent attempts with a 4th almost completed. Why not take a look here and leave your comments. Don’t forget to rate 😉
I hope you have enjoyed these mashups and I will post any new ones I make on this blog aswell. Before I go for now though, I will leave you with these couple of favourites of mine that really sum up what a mashup is all about and what I aspire to create in my own work.
And this one which features more than two songs – a very difficult thing indeed…