The Last Movie I Watched

I had heard about this movie for a while, but never got around to actually watching it. However, when my wife mentioned that our son kept stopping and watching it in the supermarket, I decided to get a hold of it to see what he was so engrossed by.

The premise of the story is very simple. A supervillain named Gru, who is voiced by Steve Carell, hatches a plan to outdo another supervillain, Vector, who is voiced by Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Jason Segel. Along the way Gru adopts a trio of orphan girls in an attempt to gain access to Vector’s lair to steal a vital piece of equipment to aid him steal the moon and in turn become the greatest villain of all time.

The cast is a great mix of voices with all giving great performances. In particular Carell and Segel. The surprise though is the addition of Russell Brand who lends his talents to Gru’s chief scientist Dr. Nafario. He manages to make his voice sound very like Eric Idle of Monty Python fame and puts in a good days work.

The look of the film is also very nice. Despite being an animation, it was filmed in 3D, but even in 2D the view is great. It certainly makes you wonder how good animation is going to get in the coming years.

There is lots of humour in the film also, both for kids and adults. My son Xander loves Vector and the parents will like the way that Gru becomes attached to the orphans he initially adopts for criminal purposes, but comes to love as his own children. Gru’s minions are very funny Oompa Loompa type creatures and add most of the adult humour through a lot of slapstick.

Despite the movie only being an hour and a half long, it does feel like much longer through the enjoyment of it and I would highly reccommend this for parents looking to keep the kids occupied for a while and before long they will be quoting along with the film. I give this an excellent 9/10 as I thoroughly enjoyed it and have seen it quite a few times since. You will also be pleased to hear that producer Chris Meledandri has confirmed that a sequel is in the works and should be hitting movie screens around 2013.