47 Days Until The Final

Lets travel into the Alps and become neutrals for a few minutes. Switzerland is the destination here. “In Love For A While” is sung by Anna Rossinelli. Imagine these words at the beginnning…”heres a little song I wrote…” Yes I reckon this is a female Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and not even as good. This is just a non starter for me. Anyone could have sung it. I do not think this will progress to the final.

After the disappointment of the Swiss entry, me cross over to Georgia. Now an interesting one this. Eldrine are a rock band with a mix of sounds like T’Pau and Paramore, with some Linkin Park rapping in there aswell. However, the singer has since been replaced for the actual competition. She had a really bad night in the Georgian finals and her performance wasn’t very good at all. Its unknown at this point if the new singer is any good, but if she can sing live they might have a chance.

I have a feeling that this won’t make it through to Dusseldorf in May, but at least they did something thats not a normal Eurovision song which is always nice to see.

In the next update we shall be visiting Finland and Malta, so stay tuned for those in a couple of days.