54 Days Until The Final

With this year’s Eurovision Song Contest being brought to us by one of the “Big 4” – Germany, I thought it was about time I started blogging on the 2011 competition’s runners and riders. I shall endeavour to bring at least one video a day and my comments on the track and artist.

The contest is being held in Dusseldorf’s Esprit Arena, which is home to the German football team Fortuna Dusseldorf.  No pictures have yet been released on how the set will look, but as soon as they are I shall get them in here.

I mentioned at the start of this post the “Big 4”. This is inaccurate this year. Owing to the fact that Germany won the contest last year and automatically qualify as winners, this opened up another place at the top table and so Italy have decided to return as part of the “Big 5” this year.

As in previous contests, there will be two semi-finals followed by the final on May the 14th.  The ten highest scoring countries in each semi final qualify for the final. The first of the semis takes place on the 10th of May and I shall start there with the entries. First up in the running order is Poland. The performing artist is Magdelena Tul with a track called “Jestem” which translated into English means “I Am”.

This is actually a track I quite like. On first appearances, she is certainly a looker with very long legs which should in no way influence your assessment of the song. Its a pretty upbeat track sung in Polish with a few dancers prancing about, but thats all for show. Did I mention she has long legs? I can actually see this qualifying and wouldn’t be disappointed either. If Magdelena gets there, it will be the first appearance in a Eurovision final since 2008.

Second in the list here is Norway. This is a bit of a strange one in choice of artist. Stella Mwangi sings “Haba Haba” – meaning “Little By Little”.

A few reasons here why I don’t fancy this track to qualify. Firstly, I don’t think its very European. An African singer with an African sounding song. Seems to be a bit of a veiled statement regarding Eurovision’s rules on entrants. Personally, I think that entrants should be from the country they are singing for, she only moved there in 1991. Moving on… as for the track, I think its a bit of a K’Naan rip off. For those who don’t remember, he sang that song during the World Cup last year about waving flags. Norway seem to be putting their trust in a sound that sailed last year and are hoping for an ethnic vote around Europe to help them progress to the final this year. After winning two years ago, I don’t think that will be repeated this year.

I shall return with more tomorrow.