Rush (2013) – A Review


Synopsis: A biopic movie covering the intense rivalry between Formula One drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Main Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Dormer, Alexandra Maria Lara, Stephen Managan

The Hype: This one has been in the works for some time and there was definitely buzz around Hollywood regarding this movie. It wasn’t a huge success at the box office, but it has managed to earn itself two Golden Globe nominations.

What I Thought: I really enjoyed this movie. In fact I thought it was fantastic. As a fan of the sport and in particular the classic 70s and 80s era of Formula 1, this was always going to be a winner in my eyes. That said, I think the cast was tremendous and they could not have picked any better. The story is well documented and I think they pulled it off really well here. The other thing that I liked about the movie was the fact that you couldn’t really dislike one driver over the other; they both had their negatives, but at the same time were completely focused when it came to racing. The reconstruction of Lauda’s accident in Germany 1976 is done perfectly and recreated in every detail, it’s quite astounding. There is some really great cinematography on show in this film and the super slow motion wheel spins and cornering are quite something.

Conclusions: Gripping story, great use of the camera and spot on casting all make this a great watch for Formula 1 fans, and even some none fans like my wife who also enjoyed this movie.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 5stars


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2 thoughts on “Rush (2013) – A Review”

  1. Good review Dale. Howard has a hard task in making both of these guys sympathetic, and overall, well-rounded in their own ways, and he pulls it off expertly. It’s not a perfect movie, but Howard shows that he can still surprise us with some tricks up his sleeve.

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